Hundreds of years ago, The Carisuva Tribe inhabited this land in harmony with Nature...

Inspired in the abundant land in the middle of the desert, their founders decided to share the piece of paradise with the world. 

For more than 10 years, Rancho Carisuva has been dedicated to receive national and international tourism to enjoy authentic ecological outdoor activities, in a personalized and very close experience to the traditional ways of this land inhabitants. We are proud to be the eco-tourism park with less impact in mother nature, we believe in the protection of species and promote their conservation, through our Carisuva Foundation programs and our participation in organizations as the Campamento Tortuguero Don Manuel Orantes.

The Tribe

We consider ourselves and anyone who decides to visit us or take one of our expeditions as part of the Carisuva Tribe. As part of our commitment to preserving Baja California’s Environment we are more than honored to be able to have a transcendental influence on those who choose to be enlightened by the beauty surrounding our magnificent peninsula. 
We, the tribe members, feel privileged to be able to share such beauty! Our mindset and hearts have been touched to a degree of self-awareness where sharing such breathtaking scenery and transmitting our knowledge of the environment and its delicate balance, has become of the up most importance. 
We invite you all to become part of our tribe, there can never be enough of us, our planet needs us!!

Our commitment

Carisuva expeditions look to not only safely indulge the adventurous adrenaline junky inside all of us, but also to educate through contemplation, interaction and understanding the importance of preserving all ecosystems. Our number one goal is to create a life time experience that inspire people to care about the planet we leave in.

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