Rancho Carisuva is located inside an "oasis",  situated in the Pacific Ocean shores. Thanks to the humidity the ocean provides, a microclimate is created with perfect temperatures all throughout the year. Inside the ranch there is a good number of endemic species of animals and plants and such amazing views of the mountain rage that impress anyone.

Carisuva Ranch is a typical Baja Californian ranch with 43 horses, a fresh water well, farm animals like goats, chickens, pigs, friendly donkeys and cows as well as a traditionally built desert hut (Baja California Style). One can feel peace and tranquility, where the shade of the mystical mesquites and desert palm trees, alongside the gentle Pacific breeze, transports anyone to a complete state of relaxation. 

It is our commitment to preserve the surroundings like they have always been, full of natural beauty. Our ranch, while allowing you to endulge it's breathtaking scenery, offers you all necesary facilities to make your visit and excursion comfortable and cosy. 

Our visitors center has bathroom facilities, a gift shop, a small bar, a lounge area, a bird watching tower, BBQ area for special events and plenty of sitting for a large group, all of this with a magnificent view of the ranch, its surroundings and the pacific ocean. 

Rancho Carisuva is self sufficient, counting with a fresh water well and solar energy to meet its water and electrical demands. 

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