Carisuva Foundation is an ecological project that seeks to preserve Baja California's Ecological environment through education of visitors and local children.

Carisuva was founded by a group of young adventurers looking to bring innovative expeditions, exciting and unforgettable experiences, helping natural environment conservation. While in the making, The Carisuva Foundation has already begun impacting the lives of young men and women in the community through its school programs. 

While in the making, the Carisuva Foundation is self sustained by a percentage of all the proceeds. This will continue to be, as it is part of our commitment, but in the effort to create and make our foundation more solid and transcendental in its mission, donations are more than welcome.

By teaching our children we can manage to become a more sensitive society.

School Programs:

School programs is one of the activities organized by the Carisuva Foundation with the aim of reaching the children of our communities. We understand that great part of the problem concerning the environment is education, or lack their off, reason why we developed the school programs. The visits are open to any school, weather private or public and the main target is education through interaction.

We have several naturalist guides, locals of the Baja, who are vastly experienced in dealing with children and are very savvy in making them understand the importance of things like: not littering, understanding our surroundings, saving water, respecting the flora and fauna, etc.

At the ranch the children will find horses, pigs, cows, chickens, goats just to mention a few and they have an opportunity to pet them and understand how they are essential to the ecosystem. Also, these animals help make the ranch self-sufficient, another important lesson to be learnt.

All activities are hands on, creating a long lasting impact on the children. At the end of the day, all children receive a personalized certificate making them official Carisuva Tribe members.

Beach Trash Cleaning:

Amongst its projects, Carisuva invites all of its friends in the community to participate on a monthly basis in a beach trash cleaning event with the objective of transmitting, through voluntary participation, a sense of union in an effort of trying to reach the community on the importance of maintaining our environment clean.

Carisuva Staff coordinates the event supplying trash bags, transportation too and from the different beaches, waters and sodas for refreshment and fresh fruit. 


At the boutique not only will you be able to purchase a memoir of your Carisuva experience but you will find plenty of crafts made by the local farmers and artist using materials and techniques unique to the Baja.

For more information on how to make your school a participant on our school programs, our next beach trash cleaning dates or any other inquires, please call us or e-mail us.

Rancho Carisuva
T.  52 1 624 105 1046

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